Flexible and Fair Underwriting Policy

Policy Applications and Reporting

Working with you for your client

Acceptance Criteria

Templeton delivers flexible and versatile policies because we understand that, in this modern era, all solicitors are different.

Templeton continue to innovate in this area and we are constantly developing new products to adapt to an evolving marketplace, ensuring that the changing requirements of you and your clients continue to be met.

We work with you to obtain the best result that you need for your client.

Whilst our ATE premiums are fully deferred and only incurred when a case is won, we believe that the premium should reflect the size of risk at any given stage of a case.

Because we understand that it is important to align with your business leaving you time and resources to fully focus on your client and their claim, we are capable of accepting most forms of policy application input and reporting, provided that the minimum information we ask for is made available to us.

We can design a bespoke solution for your business to allow for a streamlined integration between our businesses.

We believe in leaving you alone as much as require you to report to us at certain key milestones in a case, or where it will fundamentally change the facts of a case.

Whether you work in the corporate or private sector, Templeton has a portfolio of After the Event insurance products that will give your client the confidence to pursue their claim without the risk of financial loss covering both opponents costs and disbursements.

Our team of dedicated Account Managers work closely with each one of our customers to explore new business opportunities, diversification and growth strategies. We are passionate about the market we work in, the products we supply and the clients we deal with.

At Templeton we strive to develop long standing, professional relationships and we always strive to provide exceptional customer service to all our clients. The company has grown through word of mouth referrals and this in itself stands as a testament to the way we work with and on behalf of our customers and their clients.

Our whole ethos for working with our clients is one of “PROPOSITIONS BUILT ON SOLID FOUNDATIONS”

Our ATE Insurance Scheme members are able to request policies, without our prior approval, subject to the claim meeting our acceptance criteria which is as follows:

The Solicitor warrants to the insurer that prior to submission of each proposal:

  • The proposer has entered into a Conditional Fee Agreement with the Solicitor;
  • The Solicitor has conducted a satisfactory Risk Assessment and Customer Due Diligence checks before accepting the case;
  • The proposer and solicitor have fully completed a Proposal Form and placed the original on the case file;
  • The Solicitor has not discovered any other relevant legal expenses insurance; and The Solicitor has assessed the proposer’s prospects of success to be in excess of 60%.